A ghost gets posted on ROADS.sg, Singapore’s road safety information website



ROADS.sg, whose name is an acronym for ‘Respect Others And Drive Safe’, is a Singaporean website where drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can upload videos, photos, eyewitness reports and discuss motoring issues.

One of the videos posted on the site has become a hot topic because it shows a female ghost.

A gray woman standing in the middle of the night

The driving recorder of a car driving at night near the Railway Mall bridge on Upper Bukit Timah Road in Singapore captures the image of a gray woman standing on a concrete divider in the middle of the road.

Actual video (Facebook login required)

Female Ghosts

Female Ghosts (Source: Roads.sg/Facebook)


A car driving in the middle of the night. At first it goes without a hitch…


Female Ghosts (Source: Roads.sg/Facebook)


Eventually, something eerie appears on the concrete divider in the middle of the road.


Female Ghosts (Source: Roads.sg/Facebook)


When the car got even closer to it…


Female Ghosts (Source: Roads.sg/Facebook)


There is a clear record of what appears to be a woman with her bare feet out, wearing something that looks like a skirt or even a front cover, depending on how you look at it.

According to what I heard, there was a fatal accident involving a man and a woman near the bridge of a railroad mall in this area. In Singapore, there are many roads and parks that are said to be haunted, and people are often surprised by the sightings of ghosts.

In this video, at first the woman appears to be on the right side of the center divider on the other side of the road. Then, just as she disappears from view behind the sign, she suddenly and instantaneously appears to move over the center divider.

According to some skeptical volunteers overseas, this may be a promotional video by ROADS for awareness purposes or a video produced for marketing purposes, but the truth is not well known.

There is a video on Youtube of a woman (not a ghost) sitting in the middle of the road, and it seems that people in Singapore sometimes behave like this, so maybe the woman in this video was not a ghost, but a living person. However, it is still very creepy to see a woman standing around like this on the street late at night, whether she is a ghost or a human being.



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