[Fixed] Attribute “aaa” cannot be used in tag “bbb”


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Photo by geralt on Pixabay

The other day, when I added the standard WP player and playlist for watching mp3s, I noticed the following error in Google Search Console.

The attribute “wpplaylist2.selectedindex” cannot be used in the tag “div”

Invalid object type for item “publisher”

This was an AMP-related error, and although I tried this and that, checking every inch of every PHP, trying AMP-related plugins, and so on, I could not solve the problem. However, the cause and solution were right at hand.

The cause was the All in One SEO Pack.

Simply disabling it resolved all AMP-related errors, and for some reason, the number of valid pages in Google Search Console coverage increased dramatically.

I have already uninstalled All in One SEO Pack because I found it to be a potentially glitchy plugin. To be honest, I had doubts about the effectiveness of this plugin, and I don’t think it is necessary.

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